Post election: What are you doing?

Collage created by members of the Diversity Peer Education Team at York University in 2013, lifted from the blog Inclusivity Zone by Margaret

At last Saturday’s Human Rights Shabbat, Margo led a discussion about the emotional impact of the election and its implications for human rights. Many of us found the service cathartic, and it was inspiring to hear about the activities of our members.

With the hope that activity can be an antidote to despair, let’s try using this post to collect the list of constructive actions people are taking part in locally. As a start, refer to Margo’s post for a list of  ways you can get involved building bridges with people in prison.

What are you doing? If you’re volunteering or helping or organizing or protesting, add a comment to this post briefly describing what you’re doing and how others might get involved. Thanks!



  1. I am new to the area so it is very helpful to learn more about all the ways to get involved. I know that RAW, which formed a couple years ago, does work organizing against police violence and racism in Washtenaw County

  2. For the past three years I have been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), as a volunteer at Jewish Family Services. I teach refugees and immigrants from all over the world. With the recent influx of refugees in Washtenaw County, partaking in the programs JFS offers, I have been focussing on teaching English to refugees from Syria and Afghanistan. I am currently working with three Syrian refugees who arrived in Washtenaw County within the last three months. It is a privilege to be doing this work. The students are motivated, dedicated and passionate about leaning English, our culture and the many cultures of the people they meet and bond with at JFS. I have learned so much from them! I am the child of an immigrant myself, and my volunteer work is one of the ways I give back for all that I have received. I am grateful.

  3. TeacherPatti says

    Reactivated my law license, joined the ACLU and local Democratic club, went to two artist/activist meet ups, and am writing writing writing!

    • Idelle Hammond-Sass says

      Hi Patti,
      I’d like to know about the Artist/activist meetups. I am aware of one
      put together by Leslie Sobel- would like to connect!

      • TeacherPatti says

        Hi Idelle! Yes, that is one that I went to. There was another one at the YES space in Ypsilanti, but there hasn’t been any follow up for that yet.

  4. Clare Kinberg says

    One thing I’ve done, as a librarian, has been to compile a bibliography based on recommendations of my friends, of best books on the topic of “How did Hitler Come to Power?” I posted the list on and it has been viewed 93 times. Here is is:

  5. I am the co-chair of MOMS Advocating Sustainability. Our mission is to protect children from exposure to pesticides and other toxic chemicals. We recently created a tool kit to give people guidance on getting rid of pesticide use at their schools and public parks. Our own Ann Arbor JCC sprays pesticides- we would love some local folks involved to change that. In addition, we will have our work cut out for us with the next administration on defending environmental policy, transparency in the food system and the fighting the introduction more of genetically engineered crops. Our website is

  6. Margo Schlanger says

    This is a great document written by former congressional staffers about how to make Congress listen to progressive voices. Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda:

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