A Bibliography of Books by AARC Members

Rena Selter's book coverWhen Carol Lessure sent out an announcement last week of the publication of AARC member Rena Seltzer’s new book, The Coach’s Guide for Women ProfessorsMargo Schlanger was reminded that she had begun working on a list of books by AARC members. The bibliography currently has thirteen books by eight authors.  I know there are lots more! As a librarian, I love bibliographies and I’d really like to fill out this one, and post it on our website. So, if you are an AARC member who has written and published a book, send me the details! This blog could use some book reviews as well. If you are willing to write short reviews of interest to AARC members, contact me and we’ll talk.

And, Rena, mazel tov on the new book!