AARC is a special congregation, with doors open to all, from ticketless high holidays to shabbat services and special simchas.  Our members have made a commitment to support our Jewish community and participate in our activities. Membership is part of the mitzvah of helping us create and sustain our community for all who are enriched by it.  If you’re looking for a Jewish home, we welcome you to join us!

We bring together a variety of people: families and individuals; LGBT and straight; Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and families with non-Jewish members.  In recognition of the diversity in both our members’ backgrounds and in their comfort with various Jewish practices and beliefs, we commit ourselves to inclusion and respect. Our services are pluralist and egalitarian. All events are accessible to people with disabilities.


This part of the website is where you can begin to get your questions answered if you’re considering joining our community, sign up as a new member, or renew your membership.

Renewing Your Membership?  See this page.


Thinking about Becoming a Member of AARC?

Thanks so much for your interest!  We’re a growing and inclusive group — and we warmly invite you to join us.  Every Congregation member is a valued addition to our community.  There’s tons of information on this page.