Nice things

There has been a lot of overwhelmingly bad news lately. But nice things happen all the time, too. This blog post is to connect us to a few of the nice things that happen in our congregants’ lives.

Brayan 3rd from left, Max on the right. Congrats!

Building Award
Two AARC members, Max Resnick and Brayan Zivan competed in the SkillsUSA Michigan State Leadership Conference. Max Resnick came home with the State Championship.


Award and Book

Sara Ahbel-Rappe recently received a Diversity Service Award at UM, an award which recognizes faculty who contribute to equality and diversity at the university. And her book, Socratic Ignorance and Platonic Knowledge in the Dialogues of Plato, was recently published in the SUNY Press series in Western Esoteric Traditions.

Dinner with old friends

The Carol and Matt Ullmann family had dinner with some old family friends they haven’t seen in a while. It was wonderful to spend time together.



At the Michigan Democratic Party’s Endorsement Convention, held on April 15 at Cobo Hall, a historic turnout of 6,700 delegates voted to endorse Samuel Bagenstos for the Michigan Supreme Court.  The turnout was fueled by a surge of over 3,000 new members of the Democratic Party.



Quoted in the Press

Andy Kirschner talks musicals in FMT News article, “Musical resurgence has Hollywood changing its tune.”

New Company
Jeff Basch started his new company, Trove Analytics. They are commercializing a technology developed at U-M that uses algorithms to analyze an existing electrocardiogram (EKG) signal to predict a patients trajectory. The algorithm informs nurses and doctors so they can prioritize patients that are most at risk of death and take action to save their lives 7 to 30 hours before the visible onset of the deterioration.