Meet the Dieves!

The Dieves are Mark, Stacy, Bass (age 5) and Lev (age 5 months).  Some Q&A’s:

Otto and Lev Dieves cute at home. Photo: Stacy Dieves

Bass and Lev Dieves cute at home.         Photo: Stacy Dieves

How long you’ve been in Ann Arbor, and what brought you here?

We moved to Ann Arbor in July 2013 from the San Francisco Bay Area. Mark is from Ann Arbor originally and was homesick. We both last lived here almost 20 years ago and are very happy to be back!

What brought you to our congregation?

The AARC is a perfect fit for our family. We were members of a very similar congregation in California. It was a post-denominational synagogue that had a Reconstructionist rabbi with similar values. We were so happy to find the AARC.

Some favorite things?

  • Novel: Go by John Clellon Holmes (Mark); The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem (Stacy)
  • Movie: Igby Goes Down (Mark); Shawshank Redemption (Stacy)
  • Food: Mongolian Beef (Mark); All things cheese (Stacy)

Anything else you feel like adding?

We are so grateful to the AARC members for being so welcoming to our family. Thank you to everyone that helped us get acclimated, brought meals when Lev was born, invited us to events, and introduced themselves to us at services. We could see right away what a special community it is at AARC, and we are so happy to be a part of it!