AARC Seder, 5776


From Allison Stupka and Harry Fried

Moses said to Pharaoh, “Let my people go”….. to the AARC 3rd Day of Passover Seder Potluck!!!! And Moses should know, after all he had a burning desire to make this day happen.

Attending our family-friendly Seder on Sunday, April 24, at  4:30pm at the JCC (should end at about 7:30 pm) is nowhere near as difficult as hardening Pharaoh’s heart or parting the Red Sea. In fact, it’s easy.

Just click on this link to our sign-up page and sign up; all the pieces we need are there. Even Pharaoh couldn’t stop you, and that’s saying a lot.

Allison and I have been organizing AARC’s seders, with others, for at least the past eight years. This year is going to be even better since we get to recline in the JCC’s lounges, rather than on our (beloved but acoustically challenging) basketball court!

We look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating this most important and enjoyable service.

Want to help plan?  What is your vision for the AARC Seder? Special food? Special songs? Something else? Please email us to help put together our communal celebration.

Passover has many different interpretations. Even if you’re not helping plan, what does Passover mean to you? Do you have special memories about this holiday? If you want to, please bring a poem, a short written thought, a picture or a special song or food to share with the group. Let’s make this celebration communal and intellectually stimulating! Please email us with any questions if you feel the need to run an idea by someone before the Seder.

Beit Sefer Kids at Seder 2013