Enroll your child in Beit Sefer

Sukkot 2015: we made lulavs from local plants and shook them to the east, north, south, west, and up and down.

Enrolling your child in Beit Sefer has two parts: Fill out the enrollment form, and pay tuition.

Please use the TWO online forms below–one for enrollment and one for tuition.

Information on tuition

Because the AARC subsidizes Beit Sefer, tuition is less for congregation members:

Members: $730/year first child; $630/year second child
Nonmembers: $890/year
Payment options include:

(1) Full payment by September 10, 2017 (first day of school)
(2) Two payments:
Members: $365 for first child; $315 for second child
Nonmembers: $445
First tuition payment due by September 10, 2017 (first day of school)
Remaining tuition is due by January 7, 2018 (First day of 2nd Semester)

For issues of financial hardship/tuition reduction, please contact AARC’s treasurer.

Tuition may be paid by mailing a check to:

Ann Arbor Reconstructionist Congregation
c/o Jewish Community Center
2935 Birch Hollow Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Or pay online (Cost to the Congregation: 2.2% — please feel free to adjust your donation accordingly.)  To make a payment using Paypal, click the Donate button to the right of this page. 

Enrollment and Tuition Forms
  1. Online enrollment form (Please fill out one form per child.)
  2. Online tuition form  (Please fill out one form per family.)